Version 0.3.5

Added a tutorial area at spawn.

Added missing icon for Belt Feeder.
Corrected a mistake in the Glider icon.

Added models for Nanites and Nanite Colony.

Edited several block textures to connect smoother.

Added Empty Capsules to crate loot tables.

Slightly raised nanite drop rates in small crates.

Fixed a bug where the player does not respawn in spawn.

Completely removed CrackShot and CrackShotPlus.
Removed perks related to CS and CSP from ranks.
Removed CS and CSP items from loot tables.

Moved the old Quartermaster to the new spawn.
He will covert currency for the player.
He will roam the area freely, so don’t be surprised if you don’t find him on his carpet.

Moved the Black Market downstairs.

Removed the Vote Voucher vendor, as the Quartermaster now exchange those.