Version 0.7.1

Nothing exciting here, just fixes and improvements after a large update

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed ammo in held weapon disappearing after death.
  • Fixed enemy attack warning color resetting to white after toggling scoreboard.

Improvements & Changes

  • Equipping Variation 1 (The Passerines) in both variation slots of the Service Pistol will now turn the element back to Electricity.
  • Templar Spear combo finisher heat proc increased by 10.
  • Electrocute damage is now dealt over 1 second instead of instantly.
  • Envoy no longer guarantees a drop of its signature mod.
  • Envoy is no longer immune to Decay.
  • Envoy will now jump into the air before using its rocket attack.
  • Marauders now also glow before starting an attack.
  • Marauders are now accurate again but have delayed aim, meaning they can be easily dodged by strafing rather than praying that they miss.

Known Issues

  • Enemy attack warning color sometimes resets to white after relogging.