Version 0.7.0

An unknown hostile organization claiming to be the Templars of the Broken Cross with portal technology similar to our own has invaded Velocity, their goal seems to be collecting Singularities, stop them.

What’s New?

Melee Weapon – Templar Spear

  • Chance to drop from Templars holding them.
  • High range, high crowd control, fast attacks, but low damage.
  • Attack in rapid succession to perform combos, each attack in a combo is represented by a letter.
    • L – Left Click
    • R – Right Click
    • X – Left Click while airborne
    • Y – Right Click while airborne
    • Q – Drop Selected Item (Same key as reload)
    • F – Swap Item With Offhand (Same key as switch firing mode)
  • Combos
    • LLL – A quick thrust with extra reach, then a downward slash that will knock enemies down, followed by a wide sweeping slash that deals high knockback and extra heat damage.
    • RR – An upward slash that lifts enemies into the air, followed by a sweeping attack that deals high knockback and extra heat damage.
    • Q – A spin attack that deals high knockback in a full circle around you.
  • Melee weapons also have pierce values, which works a little differently from firearms. First, it will pierce any targets, second it will hit through any blocks as long as the pierce value of the attack is greater than the toughness value of the block.
  • The templar spear is an early demonstration of the capabilities of the new melee system, more weapons, and moddable ones, are planned.

Explosive Weapons – Milkor M32A1 & RPG-7

  • Milkor M32A1 has a chance to drop from Demolishers holding them.
  • RPG-7 has a chance to drop from the Envoy.
  • Uses rockets as ammunition, rockets are dropped by Demolishers and Envoys.
  • Upon hitting anything, explode in an AOE, dealing high impact damage, the explosion ignores walls.

New Bosses – Templar & Demolisher

I think it’s best you see them for yourself 😀

Envoy, Templar, and Demolisher will now randomly spawn in Velocity with a very rare chance.

Other Changes:

  • Players without a loadout will now have 100 health instead of 20.
  • Envoy now has a new rocket launcher attack.
  • Juggernaut exoskeleton is now dropped from Demolishers, and no longer available at the quartermaster
  • Linked hats will now stay on your head when respawning
  • /spawn delay reduced to 10 seconds
  • Does not require the download of a new resource pack!