Version 0.4.0

Welcome to version 0.4! This update includes major loadout additions, as well as a massive refactoring for the current loadout and ability system. Development will be slowed since I landed a job, but I will do my best to push out frequent updates and fix any bugs ASAP. As always, please report any bugs on the forum or discord!

What’s New?

Loadout Changes Changes:
  • Equipping loadout items have been switched from Right-Click to Shift-Click
  • New visuals
  • Instructions item now also serves as the Navigation item, different clicks will lead you to the new menus
Ability Changes:
  • Each ability now has a level cap
  • Level caps and current ability levels will be shown in your loadout status
  • Waterproof now has two levels, first level negates damage from rain, second level negates damage from touching water as well
  • Fixed an issue with Shock Absorber not using the correct amount of energy when absorbing damage
Gear Storage: Functions:
  • Gear Storage is a personal storage system, other players cannot access your storage
  • You can only store loadout equipment in your gear storage, including Exoskeletons, Cores, and Mods
  • Shift-Click an item in your inventory to deposit, Click an item in your storage to withdraw
  • Each unique item will take up 1 slot and 1 capacity, stacking items only take up 1 capacity
  • Storage starts off with 1 page (36 slots) and 100 item capacity, this is upgradable to a total of 10 pages and 1000 item capacity with $C (Singularity Capsules)
  • Information item displaying the amount of used slots and capacity
  • Navigation item similar to the one in Loadout
  • Left-Click the Sorting Item to rotate the sorting method between Name, Amount, Tier, and Type, Right-Click to toggle between ascending and descending
  • Shift-Click Deposit All item to deposit all loadout items currently in your inventory
  • Can only be accessed in spawn
Saved Loadouts Functions:
  • Save up to 21 loadout presets and easily swap between them
  • Click any empty slot to save your current loadout
  • A single item can be used in any amount of saved loadouts as long as you currently have it equipped or it is in your Gear Storage
  • Click any saved loadout to equip it
  • Your current loadout will be stored in your Gear Storage when you equip a new loadout, if your Gear Storage doesn’t have enough space, this action will be cancelled
  • Items in the target loadout will be equipped from your Gear Storage, you can still swap to a new loadout if you don’t have all the required items in your Gear Storage, the missing items won’t be equipped
  • Shift-Click any saved loadout to delete it
  • Instruction item briefly explains how to use Saved Loadouts
  • Current Loadout item shows your currently equipped loadout
  • Navigation item similar to the one in Loadout
  • Can only be accessed in spawn
Other Changes:
  • Fixed a bug that caused players to equip hats while in a menu
  • Added Signature Mods, only one signature mod may be equipped at once
  • Rainbow Bracelet class changed to Signature
  • Rainbow Bracelets will no longer reroll itself
  • Replaced Rainbow Bracelet’s ability bonuses with weapon bonuses
  • Resource pack update for new items
  • Added a non-functional Singularity bar, this is a placeholder and not a bug
For Admins:
  • Command Autocompletion for /item and all of its subcommands
  • Added a master level version for items, changing this value will cause ALL items in game to update dynamically
  • Added a serialization system for custom items. A serialized item is known as a “Compressed Item”, and is simply the item’s internal id, and optionally an amount and signature. This is now the standard for saving all custom items, all pre-existing player data have been converted to this new format via a one time script. This saves a lot of hard drive space as well as make player data more readable and easier to edit.
  • An item signature is a string that stores an item’s non-standard information, such as randomized stat variations. Constructing a new item using the signature from an existing item will result in an identical item.