Version 0.4.1

Added Envoys, the first entropy event.
Entropy events occur every 30 minutes.



  • Requires -25% to 25% entropy, Dr. Derp will announce the event when it starts.
  • Spawns Envoys based on the amount of players currently in Velocity
  • Envoys have 1000 health and 4 weapons they can switch between, they drop the Master of Arms signature mod upon defeat
  • The event ends when all Envoys have been defeated.

Other Changes:

  • Bullet hitboxes have been increased against mobs and players, this will make landing shots easier to compensate for the high speeds players will be moving at.
  • /squad has been changed to /party, which most players will be more familiar with.
  • Parties no longer disband when all members leave, this may or may not change in the future.