Version 0.5.0

Velocity updated to Minecraft version 1.18.1

New on 1.18.1

  • World height changes brought by the 1.18.1 update, ready to be utilized
  • Will require a new resource pack to be downloaded
  • With 1.18.1 comes a lot of API changes and new additions, which means there will definitely be new bugs

Other Changes

  • Creative players will no longer be affected by Singularity Clouds or the Entropic Drizzle
  • Simplified the MOTD
  • Replaced deprecated armorstand editing plugin
  • Added MSPT (MilliSeconds Per Tick) to tab menu
  • Removed backward version support for stability
  • Weapon names in kill messages can now be hovered over to show details
  • The quartermaster running away from players was unfortunately fixed