Version 0.5.1

Congratulations soldier, your Envoy-W endoskeleton just received a firmware upgrade.

Scoreboard & Damage Indicator

  • Nobody has time to run /inspect in the middle of a battlefield, a scoreboard to the right of the screen will now display information regarding the last target damaged by you including health, defense, resistance, and status effects
  • The scoreboard will also display the Entropy bar and the name of the currently active Entropy event with a timer or the countdown to the next event
  • The scoreboard can be toggled on and off any time in /settings

Crate Sonar

  • Your endoskeleton can now scan for supply crates and mark their locations for you even through obstructions
  • Crates now have collision enabled, a bigger hitbox, and are easier to open
  • The sonar is disabled by default and can be toggled on and off any time in /settings or with the command /sonar

Other Changes

  • Status effect bars can now be disabled from /settings, turning this off can improve visibility on smaller screens but is generally not recommended.
  • Settings GUI reworked
  • Bullet hit radius increased again to make landing shots easier
  • Weapon names in kill messages can now be hovered over to reveal stats