Version 0.6.0

Paradigms can grant new meanings to ordinary objects.
A new moddable weapon is available for purchase from the Quartermaster.

Moddable Weapon: Envoy Service Pistol

Added the Envoy Service Pistol, an energy weapon carried by Envoy-W series operators, and the first weapon that can be modified by Paradigms.

  • Unlike traditional firearms, the Service Pistol uses energy instead of ammo, which means it cannot be used without a loadout save for a select few circumstances.
  • While its stats aren’t particularly impressive, the Service Pistol can rapidly pin down targets at short to medium range thanks to its perfect accuracy, large hit radius, and hit scan capability.
  • The Service Pistol is available for a mere 16 Credits from the Quartermaster (yes the cat is a trader) at spawn! (Use your /kit to get credits regularly for free).
  • The Service Pistol and its equipped mods do not drop on death.

This weapon is basically free for several reasons:

  • Encourage newer players to equip a loadout (will send a warning message and tips if used without a loadout).
  • Provide respawned players a way to defend themselves against Twisted and Marauders before finding weapons and ammo from crates.
  • Provide a viable weapon against extreme physical tank builds which are weak to electricity.
  • Provide a backup weapon in case ammo runs out in boss fights.

While these are good reasons to always carry a Service Pistol with you, Paradigms can take it to a different level.


Paradigms and Variations function similarly to mods in loadouts, but for items and weapons.

  • Paradigms are assigned a letter from A to Z, each with a theme corresponding to a specific character or title.
  • Variations are assigned a number from 1 to 9, each with a theme corresponding to a specific faction.
  • The effects of each Paradigm and Variation are different depending on the item and slot it is placed in.
  • How to obtain:
    • Dr. Derp and Lazarus, leaders of Passerines and Tesseract respectively, will grant you their Paradigms at a price, speak with the Quartermaster to purchase them.
    • Other Paradigms and Variations will be obtainable from bosses, events, and other sources in the future.
  • Let’s look at the Service Pistol for example:

  • The Service Pistol has 1 Paradigm slot and 2 Variation slots, simply drag and drop the Paradigm or Variation to a slot to equip it.
  • Each combination of Paradigms and Variations can be referred to by the combination of their characters, for example, Service Pistol B31 would refer to a Paradigm combination that fires a bouncy laser which causes heat damage and buildup, and causes burning targets to explode!

  • The Service Pistol has many carefully designed Paradigm synergies, some of which are not so obvious.
  • As a bonus, if you change the damage type of the Service Pistol, the laser will also change color!


  • Twisted
    • Added 2 mini variants of Twisted, a faster one with slightly less health, and a slower one with slightly more health.
    • Overall spawn rate increased slightly.
    • The Twisted are now resistant to slash, but weak to impact and cold.
    • Remember that while the Twisted have little health and damage, they pose a threat even to heavily armored Envoys due to their ability to apply Warp.
  • Marauders
    • Massively reduced the accuracy of Marauders, keep your distance and they will rarely hit you.
    • Added two new variants of the Marauder, one with an M4 Carbine (burst assault rifle) and one with a Supernova (shotgun).
      • The M4 Carbine Marauder has a consistent fire rate but is very inaccurate, seek cover until they reload or eliminate them quickly.
      • The Supernova Marauder can only fire one shot at a time and has a long reload time, but can deal heavy damage, don’t get surprised.
    • Overall spawn rate increased slightly, split unevenly between the different variants with Type54 (pistol) being the most common.
    • Marauders are now weak to slash and heat.
    • Marauders have a 25% chance to drop the weapon they are holding, these weapons are removed from loot crates.
      • When you pick up these weapons they won’t have a description, hold the weapon then switch away from it to update its description. This is completely visual and does not affect the functionality of the weapon.
    • Marauders firing weapons will now play the respective shooting sound, so you can hear them shooting at the Twisted in the background.
    • Marauders will now be highlighted through obstacles for a short duration after firing their weapon.
    • When you hear gunshots, look for their outlines, keep your distance and defeat them for a chance to get their weapon.
  • Envoy
    • The Envoy-A series war machines retain their pinpoint accuracy, duck behind cover when they have a weapon out.
    • Envoys’ cooldown between attacks increased.
    • Envoys will be highlighted 2 seconds before they start firing to give time for players to react and dash for cover.
    • Envoys are now resistant to every element except for electricity, which it is weak to.
    • Envoys are now immune to Bleeding and Poisoned.
    • Envoys’ appearance is now slightly more menacing.

Weapon Accuracy Changes

  • Bullet spread is now calculated completely by random.
    • Historically, bullet spread was not completely random, instead, it was more likely to shoot closer to the crosshair.
  • WHAT THIS MEANS: Guns with higher spread will feel less accurate, this mainly impacts shotguns, which will have a noticeably wider spread at long range

Other Changes

  • Kill messages are now also broadcasted to discord (/suicide not included).
  • Added a /play command which can be used while in spawn to instantly teleport to Velocity.
  • Reimplemented drag and drop functionality in /loadout.
  • Fixed a bug where Waterproof 2 doesn’t prevent damage from touching water.
  • Reduced Frozen status energy drain and slowness.
  • v0.1.0 Trading Token conversion moved to the Black Market.
  • Updated the resource pack.