Version 0.6.1

The Quartermaster has new inventory meow.

Quartermaster Changes

The Quartermaster has a new and improved GUI

  • The Envoy Service Pistol is now FREE
  • Adjusted prices of Paradigms and Variations
  • Vote Voucher exchange rate increased
  • The STEN SMG,  which has been added a while ago but accidentally left out of the loot pool, is now a Quartermaster exclusive
  • Nativus and Sollus are now purchased with Vote Vouchers instead of Nanites, upgrade costs remain unchanged
  • No longer sells Singularity Capsules for Credits
  • Now sells Nanites in varying quantities

Other Changes

  • Warp accumulation caused by Singularity clouds reduced
  • Increased Admiral rankup cost to 10000 to make it even more impossible to reach
  • Fixed some items not stacking after updating to Paper 1.18.1
  • Weapons now have a description when dropped by enemies
  • Fixed a typo in Juggernaut Mk. II
  • Leaf exoskeleton now grants more double jumps as it levels up
  • Glider energy usage reduced
  • Envoy Service Pistol fire rate reduced
  • Scoreboard now displays the server IP
  • Fixed a bug that made it possible to rapid fire some weapons by quickly switching between them
  • Marauder aggro range increased
  • Rain will now stop immediately when an event that caused it stops
  • Bullet hit radius increased ever so slightly again
  • Lasers will no longer hit dead targets
  • Updated the resource pack