Version 0.6.2

Research has discovered a method to utilize singularities to our advantage.

New Moddable Technology: P.S.I.

Prolonged exposure to singularities causes unpredictable behavior, ranging anywhere from turning people into mindless monsters or a distorted pile of flesh. However, our scientists have discovered a method to rapidly revert damage using a non-lethal dose of singularities. Introducing the Personal Singularity Infuser, a technology that allows Envoys to recover from injuries on the battlefield.

  • When used, heals the player at the cost of 1 singularity from the player’s singularity tank and causes Warp accumulation.
  • Cannot be used in spawn.
  • Cannot be used if using it would cause immediate death.
  • Can be purchased from the Quartermaster
  • Unlike the Service Pistol, this item will drop on death.

  • Again, many of these combinations have interesting interactions.

Singularity Clouds

  • Singularity clouds are now split into two categories, safe and dangerous.
  • Safe clouds do not cause Warp when being collected.
  • Singularity clouds dropped by dead players is now a safe cloud.

  • Left is a regular Singularity Cloud (particles changed), and to the right is a safe Singularity Cloud.

Showcase Item

  • Using /showcase will send the currently held item in chat, which can be hovered over.
  • The message will also be sent in discord, but cannot be hovered over.

Glow Colors

  • Each type of loot crate will now glow a different color when /sonar is enabled.

  • Enemies will now glow red when attacking.

  • Players in the same party will now glow to each other to teams can locate each other more easily, the color of this glow is limited to white due to technical difficulties.

Other Changes

  • Fixed a bug where disconnecting from the server while modding an item causes it to disappear.
  • Upon death, players will now be shown the coordinate of their death.
  • Changed the shooting sound of the Envoy Service Pistol.
  • Envoy Service Pistol after ricochet will now apply knockback in the direction of the laser.
  • Rankups will now be announced on discord.
  • Numbers displayed in /$ will now be rounded.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to equip loadout items higher than their rank allows.
  • Parties are now temporary, and will disband when the server closes.
  • Players will be removed from parties after disconnecting with a delay.