Version 0.6.3

Some bug fixes and adjustments were made

Element Changes

  • Shattered will no longer increase the target’s defenses to 0 if they were negative
  • Bleeding changed to Stagnating
    • Prevents the target’s status buildups from decaying while active
    • Doubles the duration of Burning, Freezing, and Electrocuted on targets
  • Electrified renamed to Electrocuted
    • Electrocuted will disable abilities for players for the duration of the effect
    • Immediately deal an instance of electricity damage directly proportional to the target’s electricity resistance if used triggered against other targets
  • Poisoned status renamed to Decaying
  • Cryo damage renamed back to Cold

Other Changes

  • Exoskeleton, Core, and Mod merchants all merged into the Quartermaster
  • Abilities now gain more levels from stacking multiples of the same ability mods
  • Removed Ability Booster mods from the shop
  • Added a brief description to each ability mod
  • Fixed several typos in several places
  • Changed position of help item in the inventory
  • Fixed Glock 18 only spawning with 10 ammo
  • Resource pack loading upon joining server delayed by 1 second